My Challenge (aka What do you do after an Olympic Games?)

This is getting silly now.  I’m 31 for pity’s sake.  Rio 2016 was my 8th Olympic Games, ok I was only 3 when Seoul 1988 took place but still, I definitely should have found a way to cope with the completion of two weeks of sporting endeavour. I really don’t think that the correct way to deal with the void is to replace it with quiz shows, “reality TV” and something called “the news,” so instead I’m writing to you. And thinking.

I’m thinking that I, a 31 year old man (boy) about to get married and be a father, could probably do with a little more of what they have, you know, those Olympians. Those heroes from across the globe that use nothing but their determination, drive and the body that they were born with to achieve great things. To even make it to an Olympic Games is amazing to me, and if I knew what I know now when I was a 7 year old watching Chris Boardman chase down Jens Lehmann in the Barcelona velodrome to win one of Great Britain’s (no such thing as Team GB then!) very few gold medals, then maybe I would have taken trying to get to an Olympic Games myself rather more seriously.  But maybe that is a topic for a future blog entry…

I mean I am looking forward to the Paralympic Games and will probably blog about that at some point in the next couple of weeks.  Those athletes are special, and I am absolutely amazed by some of their achievements but I guess it doesn’t quite inspire the same excitement and buzz that I get from the main Olympic Games.

So what to do?

Well, actually I do have an idea and plan.

You see the thing about being a new dad is that you should prepare the little one for the best life they can possibly have right? And to me, sport is an integral part of that. Is the little foetus that is growing in my beautiful fiancée’s belly an Olympian in waiting? Who knows, but why not!?

So I think it’s only fair to go out into my local area and experience ALL OF THE OLYMPIC SPORTS. In doing so I really want to promote the wonderful sports clubs of the North East and see if I can’t do a little bit of inspiring others along the way.

This journey should hopefully pave the way to Tokyo 2020 and keep us all royally entertained. I (apparently) have the support of the aforementioned future wife in this endeavour, although she did laugh at the thought of me on a dancing horse (little does she know that she will probably be the one that ends up doing that particular activity).  All of the sessions and subsequent mishaps will be documented via hilarious video and the glorious written word.

So, there you have it. That’s how you fill “the void.” I hope that you enjoy the journey!

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