Olympic Challenge #1: Weightlifting @ Washington Olympic

So here we go! Click on my video to see how my first challenge went down.


Never done weightlifting before so it seemed like a good place to start to embarrass myself. The club has started offering Olympic weightlifting relatively recently as an addition to their excellent CrossFit programme that I saw the tail end of whilst waiting for my session. It was exceptionally popular with at least 25 people doing some hardcore resistance based exercise to some pounding tunes, reminded me of going out in Sunderland at uni…except probably fewer medicine balls.

The coach, John, introduced himself as soon as I came in and provided a really friendly welcome, which is good because I was pooing myself. All the participants were welcoming and, thankfully for me, the junior was only in his 2nd week so I was paired up with him!

As Sonny Webster said in our interview, the important thing when starting out is to keep weight off the bar and concentrate on just one or two things. After seeing my (lack of) technique a couple of times, John gave me just pointers to work on and time to practise. Everyone received one-to-one help but without being overpowering, I think the most important thing for me was not to overthink, ironically. I couldn’t recommend the session more.

Anyway, the club runs Olympic lifting sessions Friday 5:30-6:30pm and Sunday 10-11am and for more details please see their Facebook page.

Weightlifting is a growing sport in the UK, the governing body is British Weightlifting which is where you can find a club near you!



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