The Wedding ParkRun

So, to cut a long story short, I decided that on one of the biggest days of my life it would be a good idea to run a 5k race. The wonderful volunteers at ParkRun run a 5k down at Tees Barrage (as mentioned in my previous blog) every Saturday, and I did say to myself that any Saturday that I was off work I would try and get down.  I didn’t really envision that my best man would be dropping me at the barrage at 8:45am on my wedding day to do it.

It especially didn’t seem like a good idea when after around 3k the pints and JD & Cokes from the previous night kicked in and I couldn’t wait for the finishing line to come quick enough!  I was also hoping that the new Mrs W wouldn’t mind that I might be a bit tired later on…

Anyway, I took some footage of my run, and you can view it below!

You should definitely do a ParkRun if you get the chance. Hit the link and get on board! And if you need further convincing…

ParkRun is a massive active success story. The first recognised “parkrun” took place in Bushy Park, London in 2004.  It is now recognised as an international company, and ParkRun events take place in 14 countries every week.  There are so many amazing statistics connected with this event that I’m not going to type them all, I will just cheat and show you a couple of images that illustrate my point!




So as you can see it has become a very popular event to take part in. All types of people from elite athletes to not-so-fit people (like me), older people, kids, dogs and wheelchair athletes, all turn up at 9:00am across the country to take part and all you need is a barcode.  The organised runs in the north east are shown below:


Also, you never know who you may bump into when you go. The course record lists on the website is chock full of familiar names. Andy Baddeley, Lisa Dobriskey, Beth Potter and Antony Whiteman are just some of the athletes that have represented the country to be registered as ParkRun athletes and hold course records across the country.

Check out the two athletes holding the current records for the York parkrun:


And just one more thing, if your name is Paul Martelletti and you happen to be reading this blog…stop going all over the country and running course records! You are spoiling it for everyone…(he has 16 different course records at the latest count).

Also, for those you are interested, by PB is a rather poor 31:10, which I didn’t manage to beat last Saturday as I practically crawled round with a vague hangover.  I’d say that was a very achievable target to beat for anyone reading this so go out there and get it done!

Maybe next time…


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